Open Source Flashcards for Developers |

A community-based collection of open-source developer flashcards to boost your professional skills.


  • AWS (coming soon)
  • Command Line
  • Computer Science (coming soon)
  • CSS (coming soon)
  • Git (coming soon)
  • GraphQL
  • Ruby (coming soon)
  • SQL
  • Typescript (coming soon)


The community is possible thanks to kind volunteers like you. We welcome any and all contributions to the community and are excited to welcome you aboard.

If you've noticed a mistake or have a request, make one!

You are welcome to create, update and fix decks on current and new topics. You can help expand them and make their wording better too.

A Note On References

All references included in this GitBook are resources, both free and paid, that helped me on my journey as a software developer. If you come across an article or video that you think should be included, please use the edit this page link in the top menu and submit a pull request. Your feedback is appreciated!

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